KIM-10-51 "Cabrio"

KIM-10-50 was the first Soviet economy class car, designed on the basis of the British 1939 year "Ford Prefect".

Body design was created by  designer-engineer V.Brodsky from the Gorky city. Technical drawings of the body and stamps were performed in USA according to his model. Same time was developed the KIM-10-51 cabrio modification. KIM-10-50 was expected to become the first Soviet real “peoples” car, but these ambitious plans had been abandoned due to the outbreak of WWII. Production of  KIM-10-50 was terminated and the factory had been shifted for manufacturing of military equipement.

Despite the KIM-10-50 was planned as mass- and most unexpensive car, in had very modern and contemporary outlook for the time being. In particular, KIM-10-50 had a stylish body, “alligator” type bonnet, effective wheel covers, modern windshield and the up-to-date dashboard.

Allover around 500 units were manufactured in 1940-1941 years.

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