ZIS-150 PM-8

PM-8 truck was designed purposefully for washing and cleaning the streets, squares and passages with improved hard surface, and  could be used as fire engine and for watering greenery as well.

For cleaning in winter time snowplow is mounted on the car. Water tank is mounted on the chassis of the ZIS truck after the drivers cabin. Tank chamber is connected to the pump through the filter and central valve. Under the pressure from the pump water is delivered through pipeline to the nozzles. For filling the tank from city water conduit special device, named stender or fire wheel, is mounted on the car. Filling is carried by through the filling pipe on the back of the tank. Excess water flows out through the control pipe. Filling of the tank  could be performed also from the open water reservoirs with the help of the special complement hose. In this case hose is adjusted to the pump and filling is carried out through the pump. In case of fire extinquishing fire hoses with firehose barrels are attached to one or both ends of transverse tube.

The water pipe transmission is done through the power intake box, mounted on the gear box.

Tank and equipment are concealed behind decorative panels, offering  proper and contemporary outlook.


Information has been taken from the booklet "TECHNOPROMIMPORT".

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