ZIL-164 PM-10

ZIL-164 is the cargo truck produced by Likhachev Auto Factory. It was created on the chassis of ZIS-150 by upgrading of some of  the latter units. Production period from October 1957 till December 1964 (from December 1961 – ZIL 164A)

Through many years ZIL-164 and ZIL-164A were the “working horses” of the USSR truck fleet.

Large series of vans, refuelers, tanks, fire engines, truck cranes and many other types of specialized trucks were built on the various factories.

Many of these trucks were used with Soviet occupation army in Eastern Germany, equipped with german built bodies. Particulary, german fire engines, being charged off from the army, kept on serving in fire brigades of the nearest towns. Moreover, many workshops created  very unusual specialized cars, never existing previously in USSR, for example cassette bulk cement transport truck.

First soviet liquefied gas tank ACJNG-4-164 was also mounted on the chassis of ZIL-164A. Mostly ZIL-164 were in service until late 70-s, but some even up to the early 90-s.

In the beginning of the 60-s ZIL-164 was already outdated and in 1965 the production was terminated. Nowdays only few units survived in Russia and Baltic states.

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